Coming back!

[Thinks about a speedy post to re-introduce this poor blog into the world…aaaaand here we go!]

So a new year has begun!

And I would like to come back to my blog, since it is among my “new year’s resolutions”… oh, those famous little things about every new year!

I have never cared about making serious resolutions, but this might be the right moment to start thinking more about planning. Yes, because planning is the way. And resolutions = planning, isn’t it?

One of the most important things I would like to say in this really really speedy post is that I will stop writing posts both in Italian and English: I will try to write only in English because mine is so basic that I think anyone can understand it (I hope so, at least!).

Why now?

I feel this is the year of changes, both personal and academic: I will start working on my master thesis (that is very important to me!) and I will take my shop and all the abouts more seriously. This means I will try to be more active on this blog as well!


So I thought this would have been a good point of the year from where to re-start and re-think this space, its purpose, the communication (English thing a.s.o.), the things I would like to share!

But I think I’ll make up my mind a little bit more and write another post about…oh…those freaking new year’s resolutions.

SO! This fast and furious post was written in a matter of minutes and may the English grammar Gods pardon me for the mess I have created writing this, but I felt like I needed to.

See you in the next (and grammatically better, I hope) post!


PS: I will ask you about your new year’s resolutions, so think seriously about them and prepare to comment!


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